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CWM® Curriculum

The objective of the Chartered Wealth Manager ® Program is to equip candidates with both basic and advanced skills required by a Wealth Manager in performing his tasks and duties as a Wealth Manager, Private Banker and Wealth Advisor.

The CWM Education Program focuses on sharpening three components:

(a) Knowledge

(b) Skills

(c) Application.

(a)  Knowledge: The students get the latest updates and learn about the opportunities of wealth management, with specific relevance to Asia. They appreciate the market dynamics influencing wealth management and gain an overview on the latest innovations in financial products in wealth management they also gain an insight to global best practices and achieving success in wealth management Understand the options and issues in wealth planning.

(b)  Skills:Students develop skills in building wealth management solutions for clients, ability to present wealth management concepts and strategies confidently through customer friendly language and also the ability to create strategies to build effective relationship with clients Create and/or increase their capability to think strategically by using a structured process.

(c)  Application: The program through its rigors and practical orientation prepares the students to apply the concepts and skills developed in the program in actual work environment. The outcome of this applied education is a complete WEALTH MANAGER who is ready for the rigors of the Wealth Management Industry. Which are the units under the CWM ® Certification Education Program?

The program equips the candidates with skills and knowledge required to guide sophisticated clients through their financial life cycle of Wealth Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution.

The Program enables the participants identify and analyze the challenges faced by a Wealth Manager , develop strategies to overcome these challenges and more specifically design strategies to minimize taxes, monetize and protect assets,  maximize growth and transfer wealth according to the goals and objectives of the client.

The Program helps in:

a. Acquiring core understandings in and across the disciplines that contribute to the domain of Wealth Management including Wealth Creation, Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer.

b. Relating these conceptual frameworks to dimensions of practical areas on the ground.

c. Providing candidates with opportunities to encounter and critically engage with instances of both challenging problems and attempted interventions by a Wealth Manager.

d. Engage with the complex financial markets, human attitudes and investment lifecycles.

e. Explore the ethical and personal dimensions of Wealth Advisory and understand the fiduciary responsibilities of a Wealth Manager.

The Curriculum of CWM ® Consist of two levels:

Level 1: Foundation Level Consisting of 10 Units.

Level 2: Advanced Level Consisting of 10 Units.

The candidate has to go through the above 20 Units through an Authorized Education Provider either through Class Room Mode or Distance Learning Mode and clear the requisite exams as per the pathway chosen to complete the academic requirements of the Board of Standards. The completion of the academic criterion ensures that the candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills to work as a Wealth Manager.


Level 1 Foundation Level


Unit 1  Overview of Indian and Global Financial System
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Unit 2 Concept of Wealth Management
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Unit 3 Life Cycle Management
Unit 4 Measuring Investment Returns in Wealth Management
Unit 5 Investment Vehicles of Wealth Management
Unit 6 Managing Investment Risk in Wealth Management
Unit 7 Indian Tax Laws
Unit 8 Legalities in Wealth Management
Unit 9 Role of Wealth Management in Banking
Unit 10 Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning


Level 2 Advanced Level


Unit 1 Equity Analysis
Unit 2 Use of Alternative Products in Wealth Management
Unit 3 Use of Behavioral Finance in Wealth Management
Unit 4 Real Estate Valuation and Analysis
Unit 5 Loan & Debt Management
Unit 6 Portfolio Management Strategies
Unit 7 Relationship Management by a Wealth Manager
Unit 8 Int ernational Taxation and Trust Planning
Unit 9 Wealth Management Planning
Unit 10 Advanced Wealth Management


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