Advanced Wealth Management IIBF program is a high-value wealth management Diploma course offered by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) for banking and finance professionals, designed to help them acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in the specialized field of wealth management. Some of the knowledge areas covered in this course include investment planning, portfolio management, risk analysis, estate and retirement planning.

This course is designed keeping in mind the rising demand for trained and competent financial advisors and counselors in India. Another major objective is to equip candidates with the right kind of skills and capabilities to accurately and objectively assess client needs and preferences and tailor their investment plans accordingly.

It is intended to acquaint the candidates with a wide spectrum of financial planning strategies and invest them with the right kind of capabilities to fulfill wealth creation and wealth protection needs of the client. Another important goal is to impart knowledge of ethical industry practices and high professional standards to help them be recognized as trusted professionals.

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Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF)

The institute was established in 1928 under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913 and originally known as ‘The Indian Institute of Bankers’ (IIB) that serves as a professional body of banks, financial institutions and the employees working in these organizations. The institution boasts nearly 300,000 employees working in the banking and finance industry among its individual members and 700 banks and financial institutions as its institutional members.

The Governing Council of IIBF consists of representatives from RBI, IIT Bombay, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection and the Indian Banks’ Association. IIBF has been offering banking and finance certification programs for professionals engaged in these fields or aspiring to build a career in these domains.

Some of the qualifications awarded by the institute include Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) and Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) along with several Diploma Courses, Blended Courses, Flagship Courses and Certification programs in allied knowledge disciplines. IIBF also has the distinction of being the only institution to offer the courses mandated by RBI for the purpose of capacity building in banking organizations.


Members and Non-Members of the Institute

Graduate in any discipline


(1) Introduction to Financial Planning

(2) Managing and Marketing of Financial Services

(3) Securities, Markets and Products

(4) Insurance Products (including Pension Products)

(5) Mutual Funds – Products and Services

(6) Banking Products and Services


A maximum of Four attempts (the candidate must clear the exam in a maximum period of 2years)

For Members – Rs 10,000/-

For Non-Members – Rs 13,000/-

@Includes registration fee of Rs 500/-


(i) Each Question Paper will contain approximately 120 objective-type multiple-choice questions.

(ii) Information about mode of examination (online / offline) and a list of examination centre will be provided along with examination application form.


The duration of the examination will be of two hours.


Candidates must score at least 50 out of 100 in each subject to clear an exam.

Candidates who score at least 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects in a single attempt will also be considered as having completed the exam.

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Benefits of Pursuing Advanced Wealth Management Course (IIBF)

Specialized knowledge of wealth management to enhance the knowledge and skills of banking professionals to enhance professional competence

Ideal for banking professionals looking to acquire wealth management capabilities for a relevant role

Ideal for aspirants planning to build a career in banking and finance with a focus on wealth management

Opens up new growth opportunities for banking and finance professionals due to rising demand for qualified wealth management professionals

Best Suited for


Insurance Professionals

Candidates planning to work as Financial Counselors/ Planners/Advisors

Banking & Finance Professionals looking to transition into wealth management industry

Building a Career in Finance with Advanced Wealth Management IIBF Diploma Certification

While this is one of the most sought-after certification programs offered by IIBF covering the entire spectrum of wealth management topics, it is focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of banking and finance professionals. There has been a rapid rise in the demand for trained and certified wealth management professionals in recent years, which makes Advanced Wealth Management program a great choice for aspirants as well as professionals in banking and finance industry.

Can CWM® Be A Better Choice of Designation to Gain Wealth Management Expertise?

CWM® (Chartered Wealth Manager®) is a premier designation offered by AAFM® India that is designed to build expertise in wealth management and prepare candidates for dealing with complex real-world challenges as a professional. Unlike Advanced Wealth Management, it is not solely meant for banking and finance professionals but serves as a comprehensive designation which can serve as the foundation for a great career in almost any branch of finance.

Also, CWM® is the only global wealth management designation of its kind, accepted in 151+ countries whereas Advanced Wealth Management is accepted only in India. There are 50,000+ CWM® certified experts across the globe with a number of professionals working in global banks in financial institutions.

Advanced Wealth Management IIBF

Let us take a look at some of the key points of comparison between these two wealth management certification programs.

Course Duration:

Advanced Wealth Management Diploma Course has 3 exams which must be completed within 2 years in a maximum of 4 attempts or the candidate will need to re-register for the program and sit for all 3 exams again.

CWM® consists of two modules which need to be cleared within 1 year and within a specified maximum limit of 3 years, after which the candidate will need to re-register him/herself. The minimum amount of time required to complete the program is 6 months.

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Advanced Wealth Management Diploma Course is recognized as a valued designation offered by IIBF that deals with Indian Banking & Finance Industry. However, there is no global accreditation or recognition of the certification as a validation of the candidate’s capabilities in other parts of the world.

CWM®, on the other hand, is globally accredited and is accepted in 151+ countries across the globe as a designation that validates the competency of certified professionals in wealth management. There are 50,000+ CWM® certified professionals employed in top-notch investment firms, banks and other prestigious financial institutions in 151 member countries.


Better Career Opportunities:  

Advanced Wealth Management IIBF opens up a number of opportunities for candidates in the banking and financial sector. The certification equips candidates to take on the roles of Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Counselors, and most wealth management-related roles in the banking sector.

CWM® can prepare candidates to explore opportunities in domestic as well as global industry in the field of wealth management and allied areas. Some of the popular roles they could opt for include wealth manager, private banker, estate and financial planner, financial analyst, equity analyst and more.

Higher Earning Potential:

Advanced Wealth Management Course equips candidates with requisite knowledge and skills to perform wealth management advisory tasks. This can certainly help improve their earning potential and get the salary hike they might have been looking for.

CWM® Certified Experts typically command much higher compensation as compared to non-certified peers or candidates who have completed other certifications like AWMC due to their specialized knowledge and skills in the field of wealth management.

Networking Opportunities:  

Advanced Wealth Management Course might be an excellent choice of certification program and also offer great networking opportunities but they are limited to banking & finance professionals in India who are members of IIBF.

CWM® Certified Experts have access to the global pool of 300,000+ AAFM Certified professionals working in almost every sector of financial industry. This alone creates some extraordinary networking opportunities to connect with, collaborate, research and do more with the global community of industry peers and realize their potential.

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Specialized Knowledge:

Advanced Wealth Management Course offers specialized knowledge related to wealth management which holds relevance for banking professionals including investment planning, risk analysis, retirement planning, insurance and taxation along with banking and financial products.

CWM® offers comprehensive knowledge of wealth management and its various aspects including investment planning, portfolio management, equity analysis, tax & estate planning, business succession planning, cross-border advisory and allied knowledge areas. The focus of CWM® is on building expert wealth management capabilities that hold relevance in the global industry.

Transferable Skills:  

Advanced Wealth Management Course can help acquire wealth management skills relevant to the banking and finance industry. These include financial planning, investment planning, retirement planning, portfolio management, risk analysis, etc.

Skills acquired by CWM® candidates can be relevant in several financial domains, different career roles in the financial industry and even across borders. Some of these include financial planning, equity analysis, portfolio management and risk management among others.

CriteriaAdvanced Wealth Management IIBF Diploma CourseChartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®)
Course Duration2 years6 months to 1 year
Type of CertificationDiploma CourseCharter Designation
RecognitionRecognized in India and especially in banking & finance industryRecognized and accepted in 151+ countries across the globe
Better Career OpportunitiesFinancial Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Counselors and wealth management-related roles in the banking sectorWealth Manager, Private Banker, Estate and Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, and more
Higher Earning PotentialSuccessful candidates can expect higher compensationCertified experts earn substantially more than their peers
Networking OpportunitiesAccess to the membership base of IIBF within IndiaAccess to a global pool of 300,000+ AAFM Certified professionals
Specialized KnowledgeInvestment planning, risk analysis, retirement planning, insurance and taxation along with banking and financial productsComprehensive program covering various aspects of wealth management, private banking, financial analysis and investment management
Transferable SkillsApplicable to banking and related domains such as insuranceRelevant in multiple domains
Time-IntensiveCan be pursued online but requires clearing 3 exams in max 4 attempts within 2 yearsCan be pursued online and duration of completing CWM® solely depends on an individual’s level of preparation and can be completed in as little as 6 months
CompetitionOffers key competitive advantages within banking industry and access to best industry opportunitiesAAFM® India offers dedicated placement support and competent candidates can easily find opportunities to work with top-notch investment firms and regional & global banks and financial institutions
Limited FocusCandidates can look for limited advisory roles with HNIs within banking industryCWM® certified experts can work in their choice of financial domain and function as specialist wealth managers advising HNIs in every aspect of their financial lives
Lack of Hands-On ExperienceNot enough hands-on experienceA careful blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training to deal with real-world situations

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Advanced Wealth Management Course can be time-consuming. It requires the candidate to clear all 3 exams in a maximum period of 2 years and a maximum of four attempts. On failing the exams within this specified period of 2 years, the candidate would be required to re-register for the course.

CWM® has 2 modules and there are only 2 exams which must be completed within a maximum period of 3 years and with the right kind of preparation, it can be completed in a period of 6 months.


Candidates clearing Advanced Wealth Management Course can find competitive opportunities within banking industry but there is limited support in terms of getting a good placement and the scope is rather limited outside of banking industry.

By earning CWM® designation, candidates are ready to beat any competition within wealth management industry along with other financial domains. AAFM® India offers dedicated support placement for its candidates with top-notch investment firms as well as regional & global banking and financial institutions.

Limited Focus:

Advanced Wealth Management Course offers an excellent grounding in wealth management but it tends to attract limited opportunities outside of banking industry. The candidates could get into advising HNIs and helping manage their wealth in a rather limited capacity.

CWM® does not have a limited focus in terms of knowledge areas covered or skills with which a candidate is equipped or the real-world challenges for which the candidate is prepared. As a result, there are ample growth opportunities for CWM® certified experts who can work in their choice of financial domain and function as specialist wealth managers advising HNIs in every aspect of their financial lives.

Lack of Hands-On Experience:  

After completing Advanced Wealth Management Course, candidates are expected to acquire real-world experience and industry exposure, which is essential to succeed in financial industry. They can also go for additional training or internships to complement their theoretical knowledge base.

CWM® has a rigorous training program that offers the advantage of being equipped to meet the industry challenges irrespective of their previous experience or lack of it. They are ready to excel in real-world situations and prove their mettle and trustworthiness.

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In the end, we can safely say that Advanced Wealth Management IIBF is an excellent choice of wealth management program, especially for banking professionals. However, it is also the single biggest limitation of this Diploma program, because it has limited relevance outside of banking industry and offers limited scope for career growth. On the other hand, CWM® opens up a sea of opportunities for candidates and also enables them to explore growth opportunities in their chosen industry domain within India as well as abroad.

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