Centre for Investment Education & Learning (CIEL) offers a number of certification programs aimed at building the right kind of skills and competencies in the financial services sector. This includes two certification programs on wealth management for basic and advanced learners. These certifications are designed to meet the rising demand for private bankers and wealth managers/advisors working at different levels of the industry.

The objective of CIEL Wealth Management Certification programs is to train candidates for a challenging field where only competent professionals can excel. In terms of the curriculum, there is a lot of focus on portfolio construction techniques, macroeconomic cycles, risk-return analysis, asset allocation, market dynamics and other related areas.

These certifications are specifically designed to meet the needs of several leading foreign banks, Indian banks, mutual funds, NBFCs, brokers and wealth management firms. Both of these Wealth Management Certifications by CIEL have been accredited by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) under Regulation 7(2) of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013. This means that by completing both these certification programs, an individual can become a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) as per SEBI regulations.

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Here is a brief overview of these certification programs:

Wealth Management Certification – Basic

This is an entry-level certification in wealth management, designed with the objective to develop an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts and their application in terms of financial planning and asset allocation tailored to individual needs of a client.

Wealth Management Basic Certification program is accredited by NISM under the SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations, 2013 and candidates can become an Accredited Wealth Planner (AWP) and get ready to become a SEBI-registered investment adviser. To do so, the candidates would be required to complete the Advanced Wealth Management Certification by CIEL as well. On successfully completing this Wealth Management Certification – Basic level, candidates will be awarded the title of ‘Accredited Wealth Planner.’

Wealth Management Certification – Advance

This is an advanced-level certification for individuals aspiring to become expert wealth managers and advisors. The program is designed to develop advanced wealth management skills with a focus on professional portfolio construction, advanced knowledge of macroeconomics, market dynamics, risk-return analysis and asset allocation along with other knowledge areas.

The certification would equip candidates with the right kind of capabilities to manage wealth for investors with a personalized outlook on financial planning, asset allocation and portfolio management. On successfully completing CIEL Wealth Management Certification – Advance level, the candidates will be awarded the title of ‘Certified Private Wealth Manager.’

This certification is aimed at professionals employed with banks, financial institutions, broking houses, asset management companies and investment firms in varying capacities as well as those aspiring to occupy these positions.

It is meant for:

  • Investment Advisors
  • Relationship Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Private Bankers
  • Financial Planners

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CriteriaWealth Management Certification – Basic Wealth Management Certification – Advance
CurriculumRisk, Return and Asset Allocation

Personal Finance and Investment Planning

Equity Markets: Structure and Working

Equity Analysis & Investing

Debt and Derivatives Markets

Mutual Funds Products

Mutual Funds in Wealth Management



Other Investment Products

Leverage in Personal Finance

Process and Regulations

Risk, Return and Asset Allocation

Equity Markets and Products

Performance Evaluation of Equity Funds with Investing in Managed Equity

Debt Markets and Products

Macro-Economic Indicators and Policy in India

Derivative Markets and Products

Financial Planning Process

Alternate Assets

Regulatory Environment for Wealth Management

Course ElementsOnline (self-study) and online training sessions

Case Study Quizzes (online)

E-workbook with complete curriculum

Final supervised online exam

Online (self-study) and online training sessions

Case Study Quizzes (online)

E-workbook with complete curriculum

Final supervised online exam

Certification and Exam DetailsCourse Duration: Recommended 40-45 Learning Hours

Skill Level – Basic

Course Access – 120 days

Certificate Validity – 3 years (Certificate needs to be reviewed every 3 years by reappearing for the exam)

Exam Duration – 3 Hours (Multiple-Choice Questions)

Passing Marks – 60%

No Negative Marking

Course Duration: Recommended 40 – 45 Learning Hours

Skill Level – Advanced

Course Access – 120 days

Certificate Validity – 3 years (Certificate needs to be reviewed every 3 years by reappearing for the exam)

Exam Duration – 3 Hours (Multiple-Choice Questions)

Passing Marks – 60%

No Negative Marking

CIEL Wealth Management Certification

Building A Wealth Management Career with CIEL Wealth Management Certification – Basic and Advance

CIEL has carefully designed these two certification programs that complement each other and help candidates acquire necessary skills and knowledge to function as a finance professional with practical knowledge of wealth management concepts. However, the courses hold limited practical value to candidates as short-term courses are best suited to prepare for entry-level roles.

With certified professionals in high demand, they certainly offer an advantage but these certifications alone may not be enough to succeed in the complex and challenging field of wealth management. It would require specialized knowledge and skills of practical value to be able to function in a wealth management role.

Can CWM® Be A Better Choice for Aspiring Wealth Managers?

As a premier designation offered by AAFM® India, CWM® (Chartered Wealth Manager®) stands apart for its comprehensive curriculum and specialized approach to wealth management learning which makes it one of the most sought-after wealth management programs across the globe. Unlike CIEL’s Wealth Management Certifications, CWM® offers an intense and in-depth training program that truly prepares a candidate to perform as a qualified and highly competent wealth manager or private banker in the industry.

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On top of that, CWM® is a global designation in its own league, directly awarded by AAFM® US and accepted in 151+ countries around the world. There is a global pool of 300,000+ professionals certified by AAFM and 50,000+ CWM® certified experts with several of them being employed by leading global banks and financial institutions.

Let us compare the certification programs offered by CIEL against CWM® offered by AAFM® India

Course Duration:

CIEL’s Wealth Management Certification – Basic and Advance levels are short-term courses with a single exam for each of the levels. Candidates need to clear these two exams in a max time limit of 120 days each. They can re-attempt with an additional fee.

CWM® has 2 modules and 2 exams which candidates need to complete within a year with a max limit of 3 years. After 3 years, they need to re-register for the program. The certification can be completed in a minimum period of 6 months.


Wealth Management Certification – Basic and Advance levels offered by CIEL enjoy industry-wide recognition as NISM-accredited certification programs. By completing both the certifications, candidates can become SEBI-registered investment advisors.

CWM® is globally accredited and accepted as a prestigious wealth management designation in 151+ countries that certifies your competency as a wealth management professional. There are more than 50,000 CWM® certified professionals employed by banks, financial institutions and global investment firms in different parts of the world.

CriteriaCIEL Wealth Management Certification – Basic and AdvanceChartered Wealth Manager (CWM®)
Course DurationMax 120 days (each)6 months to 1 year
RecognitionRecognized in Indian financial industry. Can become SEBI-registered investment advisors by completing both certifications.Recognized and accepted in 151+ countries across the globe
Better Career OpportunitiesFinancial Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Counselors and wealth management-related rolesWealth Manager, Private Banker, Estate and Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, and more
Higher Earning PotentialSuccessful candidates can expect higher compensationCertified experts earn substantially more than their peers
Networking OpportunitiesNo specific networking opportunities or advantagesAccess to a global pool of 300,000+ AAFM Certified professionals
Specialized KnowledgeLimited specialization as a short-term course. Candidates will learn about risk analysis, mutual funds, insurance and taxation along with banking and investment productsThe program covers entire spectrum of knowledge areas including wealth management, private banking, financial analysis and investment management
Transferable SkillsApplicable to banking, insurance, mutual fund and wealth managementRelevant in multiple domains
Time-IntensiveCan be pursued online with two exams for Basic and Advance level each in max 120-day period for each and 40-45 learning hours for each level.Comprehensive program that requires concerted effort but only two exams which can be completed in a minimum of 6 months
CompetitionVery limited competitive advantages and no access to industry opportunitiesDedicated placement support for the right candidates to work with top-notch investment firms and global banks
Limited FocusCandidates can look for entry-level opportunities in wealth management advisoryCWM® enables candidates to choose their sphere of work and also function as specialist wealth managers advising HNIs in every aspect of their financial lives
Lack of Hands-On ExperienceZero industry exposure or hands-on experienceOffers a combination of theory as well as practical training aimed at building real-world capabilities


Better Career Opportunities:

CIEL Wealth Management Certification – Basic and Advance can open up a number of career opportunities and successful candidates can opt for the roles of Investment Advisors, Relationship Managers, Wealth Managers, Private Bankers and Financial Planners.

CWM® can prepare the candidates to function as qualified professionals in Indian as well as global wealth management industry. After earning this designation, some of the most popular career roles they could be hired for include wealth manager, private banker, equity analyst, investment advisor, financial planners etc.

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Higher Earning Potential:

CIEL’s Certifications can certainly enhance the skills and capabilities of candidates and also improve their earning potential with some of the best employers in Indian banking, broking, insurance and finance industry.

CWM® certified professionals usually command much higher compensation than their non-certified peers. Compared to CIEL certifications, CWM® emerges as a truly superior choice which translates into advanced skills and recognition, and as a result, substantial monetary rewards as well.


These wealth management certification programs by CIEL are not time-consuming. Both the Basic and Advance levels are short-term courses with a single exam for each level. They must be completed within a max time period of 120 days each with recommended 40-45 learning hours for each level as part of a self-study online learning module.

CWM® has 2 comprehensive modules with one exam for each of the modules which can be completed in as short a period as 6 months. It is available in online self-study mode with access to training material but is a time-intensive program compared to CIEL certifications since CWM® is a full-length course designed as per globally accepted standards.

Specialized Knowledge:

CIEL’s certifications can help become well-acquainted with wealth management concepts and practices but have limited relevance as a short-term course. Some of the areas of specialization include risk-return analysis, asset allocation, mutual funds, insurance and banking.

CWM® offers in-depth knowledge of wealth management and allied areas. It includes wealth management theory and application, equity analysis, private banking, financial analysis and investment management, insurance taxation, and estate planning.

Transferable Skills:

CIEL certifications offer skills applicable to Indian financial industry including wealth planning, equity analysis, investment management, insurance and mutual fund advisory.

CWM® equips candidates with skills that find wide-ranging applications in various finance domains, different career roles and geographies. These skills include financial planning, risk management, portfolio management and equity analysis among others.

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Networking Opportunities:

CIEL Wealth Management Certification Programs can offer rather limited networking opportunities in the Indian financial industry. Their network would largely depend on the sphere of their individual professional sphere.

CWM® offers immense networking opportunities with a global pool of 300,000+ professionals certified by AAFM® and 50,000+ CWM® certified professionals in 151+ countries. Successful candidates can also become a member of the AAFM® Finance Club and attend events organized by AAFM® to connect with industry peers through a common platform.


There is intense competition in the industry and candidates can look for some good opportunities locally but there is limited support in finding a good placement.

With CWM® designation, candidates can look for some of the best opportunities in the financial industry and AAFM® India offers dedicated support placement to successful candidates with top-notch investment firms, global banks and financial institutions.

Limited Focus:

CIEL certifications have a limited focus which leads to limited growth opportunities. It does open up entry-level opportunities in wealth management but lack of industry exposure and limited knowledge of related areas will not help much.

CWM® is a highly focused certification program that focuses on specialized knowledge of wealth management industry along with several other related areas that enable candidates to work in a variety of roles.

Lack of Hands-On Experience:

CIEL certifications are short-term programs which are not meant to provide any sort of industry exposure or hands-on experience which could go a long way to establish candidates in the industry.

CWM® certification is designed to prepare candidates for wealth management industry and equips them with the tools to deal with complex challenges in the real world.

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We can sum up by saying that CIEL Wealth Management Certification – Basic and Advance Levels can be a good choice to become acquainted with the fundamentals of wealth management and get a glimpse of the tools and techniques employed but the courses themselves are so short-term that they cannot possibly prepare the candidates for any advanced roles in the field. On the other hand, CWM® offers specialized knowledge, skills and career opportunities in the field of wealth management and equips candidates to excel as qualified wealth managers and private bankers.

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