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Join 300,000 CPM® Certificants who work for companies like JP Morgan, Citi Bank, ICICI, HDFC, IIFL, Edelweiss etc. Globally and in India!


Earning your CHARTERED PORTFOLIO MANAGER® certification is the most important step you can take to accelerate your career and serve your clients.

As a CPM® Professional, you’ll enjoy a rewarding, in-demand career while helping people achieve their wealth dreams.


  • #1 Portfolio Management Online Training Internationally, which makes it one of the best portfolio management courses in India.
  • International Certification in Portfolio & Investment Management valid in 151+ Countries with over 3,00,000 Certificants worldwide.
  • Top 500 finance companies like ING, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, HSBC, etc. employ CPM® Certificants
  • CPM® certification is awarded directly by American Academy of Financial Management® USA, making it the #1 certified portfolio manager course in India.
  • Learn to create Investment Policy Statements & Financial Model

Why Study Portfolio Management?

To develop and implement investment strategies for individuals or institutional investor and to understand complex and varying requirements of clients and produce the financial results they desire in the today’s fast changing financial markets, professionals need to undertake portfolio manager and fund manager courses in India.

Portfolio Management is defined as the process of taking strategic decisions on the types of investments a client should invest in, deciding the investment policy decisions by creating ‘Investment Policy Statement’ for clients based on their investment objectives, risk taking ability and investment performance outlook. There are a number of investment analysis and portfolio management courses in India and professionals need to make a careful choice to equip themselves with the right kind of skill set and knowledge.


  • If you practice portfolio or investment management in your work or want to make a career in ‘Portfolio Management’, earning the ‘Chartered Portfolio Manager® (CPM®) Certification’ builds your skills & knowledge.
  • The program concentrates on the practical application of financial and capital markets theory, investment and portfolio management and principles at the operational level within the financial services organization, thus providing momentum for continuing professional and personal development.

What will you Learn?

✅ The theory and the real-world skills necessary to design, execute, and evaluate investment proposals that meet financial objectives.

✅ To explore the latest advances in modern portfolio theory and differentiate your portfolio management skills by adopting international best practice.

✅ How to construct & integrate optimum portfolios & asset mix planning into your portfolio development strategies.

✅ Appreciate the complexities of investing in emerging markets and develop strategies for managing risk and maximizing returns.

✅ How to capitalize on understanding behavioural biases and irrational behaviour in financial markets.

✅ About the global financial markets and instruments that characterize the investment opportunities available to today’s investor.

By the end of your assigned Project Work in the course, you will have mastered the analytical tools, quantitative skills, and practical knowledge necessary for long-term investment management success.


CPM® Curriculum

The comprehensive cutting-edge curriculum consists of 5 modules with 10 units covering all asset classes, analysis of financial assets, advanced financial modeling, security analysis, economic forecasting, and advanced portfolio management techniques.

Portfolio – A Conceptual Framework1. Economic Analysis & Forecasting
2. Portfolio and Investment Policy Management
Investment Environment3. Study of Investment Vehicles
4. Corporate Finance Management
Portfolio Analysis5. Financial Modeling & Analysis
6. Security Analysis
Alternative Investment Products7. Study of Alternative Investment Products
8. Real Estate Valuation and Analysis
Applied Portfolio Management9. Advanced Techniques and Strategies in Portfolio Management
10. Legalities of Portfolio Management

Who Should Apply?

The qualification is suitable for a wide range of practitioners & learners involved in managing investments

✅ Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Executives in Asset Management Companies.
✅ Brokers, Sub-brokers, Investment Consultants.
✅ Research Analyst, RIA, Financial Distributor, Technical expert.
✅ Bankers, Finance Professionals.
✅ High Net worth Investors, CA, CS.
✅ Students seeking to understand Portfolio Management Services.

The CPM® certification program stands outs as arguably the best certified portfolio manager course in India. It offers in-depth knowledge and expertise along with its relevance to the portfolio & investment management industry. It is a valuable pathway to gain industry-relevant domain knowledge and get placed in a leading global bank or financial organization.

Price – Rs 29,000/- + GST

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