Work Experience Requirement

In respect of Experience Pathway, a candidate is required to provide a valid proof of one’s adequate experience (3 years as described below) prior to applying for Level 2 under Experience Pathway. In respect of the pre-requirement of adequate experience in the Experience pathway, a candidate may be categorized as working in a Financial Institution1 or Corporate Entity2 engaged in financial services. Here also the candidate should be engaged in core financial advisory services.

A candidate working in a Financial Institution or Corporate entity engaged in financial services may, however, be engaged in Other Financial Services3 not specifically identifiable by the abilities under any one of the Financial Advisory Services. Similarly, a candidate may be working for a Corporate entity not engaged in Financial Advisory Services (viz. it can be a company engaged in manufacturing, services, etc.), but he/she may be posted in the finance department of the company dealing with one or more of other financial services3.

The application for this Program will be accepted after appropriate verification, and it may be noted that meeting the above-mentioned Education and Experience qualification does not automatically deem the candidate eligible for the Experience Pathway. Candidates must provide attestation from their governing Professional Body/ Gazetted Officer/ Public Notary confirming their membership/qualification is in good standing/in order.

Qualifying work experience is based on a 40 hours – work week and is defined as full-time (or equivalent part-time) personal Financial Advisory services / related employment or self-employment. In the performance of their job, candidates must have actively used the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER® Certification Examination (for a listing of topics, please refer to the CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER Certification Syllabus) and the Experience gained should help the candidate in the application of the Personal Financial Advisory to meet client goals.

This Experience can be gained in the following areas provided it meets the conditions listed above:

  • Authorship
  • Banking
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Advisory or Financial Management
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Portfolio Management or Investment Management
  • Securities or Investment Funds
  • Taxation
  • Training on Financial Services or Teaching at a Financial Institution or Colleges.

The above list is not exhaustive in nature.

Other relevant experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To verify their experience, candidates must submit the latest resume detailing previous work experience, including specific start and end dates with their examination Form. They must also include a letter signed by their supervisor or manager detailing the candidate’s current position, nature of activities, work start date and the signatory’s contact information. The candidates who do not meet the Experience requirement will be ineligible for the Optional Pathway.

The decision of the American Academy of Financial Management India with regard to the said certification shall be final and binding in all respects.

1 –Financial Institutions are categorized as Development Finance institutions, Banks, Mutual Fund Asset Management Companies, Insurance Companies, etc. They are generally under the ambit of regulators such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) or any other appropriate authority.

2 –Corporate Entities engaged in financial services are generally categorized as Brokerages, Portfolio Management Service companies or Wealth Management companies, Institutionalized Distributors and Advisories, Financial Planning firms, etc.

3 –Other financial services are generally categorized to fall under one of the following:

  • Fund Accounting in collective investment schemes and Audit.
  • Financial Consulting, or Intermediation in Financial/Investment Products.
  • Stock broking and trading services.
  • Journalism in Personal Finance.

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