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American Academy of Financial Management India (AAFM India) is an organization and a Professional Standards Setting body that proactively guides the development and promotion of standards for Financial & Wealth Advisory Professionals to benefit and protect the public in the country. It is a Professional Membership & Certification organization-part of leading Global Confederation established by prominent financial service corporations with an objective to professionalize the concept of Financial and Wealth Advisory in India.

The candidates who wish to undergo the CWM® Certification Program have to get registered with AAFM India. A candidate can register with AAFM India through one of the authorized Education Providers of AAFM India across India to pursue the program through Compulsory Pathway. However, certain candidates having specified work experience have an option of applying through Experience Pathway wherein they can get exempted for an examination subject to conditions.

The candidate may also register for the CWM certification through a special route of Corporate Membership Pathway.

Furthermore, a candidate after his/her registration with AAFM India in the education program would have a time span of 3 years to complete the program to seek the Certification from the date of registration.

Compulsory Pathway
Experience Pathway
Experience RequirementsLess than 3 Years of Financial ServicesMore than 3 Years of Relevant Financial Services
ExaminationBoth Level 1 and Level 2Only Level 2
FeesRegistration Fees Rs. 36,000 +GSTRegistration Fees Rs. 36,000 +GST
Registration MethodRegister HereShare your updated resume for Approval at
Minimum Qualification to RegisterIntermediate but For Certification must be a GraduateGraduate
Days to First Exam60 Days30 Days
Validity of ExaminationCandidate needs to apply for Certification within 90 Days of Clearing the Level 2 Exam.Candidate needs to apply for Certification within 90 Days of Clearing the Level 2 Exam.
Validity of Examination
Level 1
The Validity of Level 1 Exam is 3 Years subject to Renewal of RegistrationN.A.
Registration Validity365 days365 days

Note: The Candidate needs to apply for Certification within 90 Days of Clearing the Level 2 Exam. If a candidate fails to do so they need to clear the level 2 exam again.

Registration validity will start from the date of payment of registration fees.

Process Charts for Different Pathways:

Compulsory PathwayOnline Registration
Offline Registration
Experience PathwayOnline Registration
Offline Registration
Exam ProcessExamination Process

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