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The Wealth Management industry in India is a prime example of the success of free competition in the country. Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the banking sector and with a GDP growth rate hovering around the 9% mark and a strong future outlook, India’s growth story is making it an increasingly attractive market for wealth management firms. This trend is expected to continue, with India estimated to become the third largest global economy by 2030.

Given the nascent stage of the market and a demographic and regulatory environment that is significantly different from elsewhere in the world, Wealth Management Business Houses consider the following to succeed in the Indian market:

> Building of brand and focus on overcoming the trust barrier.
> Invest in advisor technology to improve advisor productivity and retention.
> Evaluate a partnership-based model, coupled with innovative use of technology, to increase reach.
> Focus on transparency and compliance, while targeting customers with attractive, segment focused products.


Current Primary Focus of Wealth Management Business Houses

Qualified advisors will be the best brand ambassadors for new firms seeking to gain a competitive edge against established players.
Investor education programs could deliver information pertaining to various asset classes and the associated risks, fee structures and benefits of each.
Establishing trust is a vital component for any successful brand-building exercise in India.


Strategies Opted by Wealth Management Business Houses

> Invest in brand building to build trust.
> Invest in advisor technology to improve productivity and advisor retention.
> Offer a 360-degree view.
> Shifting to a profit-sharing model (where the advisor’s fees are based on the overall performance of the portfolio) would help mitigate issues to some extent.


Immediate Issues before Wealth Management Business Houses

> Difficulty in putting a value to your service & advice.
> Building the right business model.
> Maintaining brokerage structure may be difficult and cumbersome and bulky.
> Technology Online platforms with direct investments.
> Immediate cash-flow concerns.


Need for Qualified Advisors!

> The Current Indian Financial Advisory Market is looking for Brand building through its Qualified Advisors as Brand Ambassadors.
> Qualified Advisors shall develop trust with the clients on a better footings.
> Qualified advisors will be the best brand ambassadors for new firms seeking to gain a competitive edge against established players.
> Advisor platforms that offer lead management, portfolio management, financial profiling, asset allocation and transaction management capabilities can integrate multiple touch points and improve advisor experience.
> If anyone require a qualification to equip themselves with the required skill set and knowledge to call themselves as Qualified Advisors.

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