CWM® Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook provides 500+ comprehensive practice questions to prepare you for the demanding CWM® Certification Exam.
Master exam topics with intensive practice in the areas you’ll find on the test. All questions are test-level difficulty and focused solely on helping you pass.
Whether you’re challenging the exam for the first time or trying again after an unsuccessful attempt, you will learn the skills needed to master the exam.


  • Language English
  • Binding Paperback
  • Published By: American Academy of Financial Management® (AAFM®)
  • Genre: Wealth Management Practice Questions
  • Pages 191
  • Price Rs. 2250 Plus Taxes

Question Topics :

• Concept of Wealth Management•Legalities in Wealth Management
• Indian and Global Financial System• Tax Laws for Wealth Management
• Investment Vehicles in Wealth Management• Life Cycle Management
• Measuring Investment Risk & Return•Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning
• Concept of Insurance and Risk Management• Level 1- Exam
• Role of Wealth Management in Banking• Answer Key


This innovative workbook includes

Unit Wise 50 Questions per Unit
Comprehensive Practice Exam for Level 1 (80 Questions as per actual exam unit weights
answer key to all questions to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses

CWM® Exam Practice Question Workbook
Level 1

500+ Exam Practice Questions
Price: Rs. 2250 +GST
Offer Price: Rs. 1750+GST

CWM® Exam Practice Question Workbook
Level 2

500+ Exam Practice Questions
Price: Rs. 2500+GST
Offer Price: Rs. 2000 + GST

CWM® Exam Practice Question Workbook
Level 1 & 2 (Combo)

1000+ Exam Practice Questions
Price: Rs. 4750 + GST
Offer Price: Rs. 3000 + GST

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